Stop worrying…start dreaming 💕

“Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true..”

I often wonder why we have become more practical with age… earlier I remember how in childhood we used to believe in our dreams and would often make plans about future albeit we knew there was no realistic approach to them and they had minimal chances of turning into reality but still we were never really worried about the possibilities……now I question myself when and why I started screening and differentiating every desire and dream of mine into categories of whether it is possible or not….why we just can’t stop this constant doubting..and start believing in our dreams and build enough faith that no matter what…we can make them true with sheer hard work and patience…but first we need to stop worrying about future….

Today is the tomorrow we were so concerned about yesterday

Carlos Martinez

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbours, catch the trade winds in your sails, explore, dream and discover yourself…

All you have to do is to continue dreaming and start believing in yourself…. because they might not cost anything but for sure can make your life so rich with happiness and love….


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To all the womens

Today is the day when we truly stress upon acknowledging the participation of womens in our everyday lives and everyone grace their status with pictures of their mothers, wives and friends……and thank them for being there in their lives and bringing that joy … But many of us also cringe about why just celebrating it only once a year and they also mention that womens should be celebrated everyday….I agree with this section of society but at the same time I don’t think that it is bad about celebrating it as a separate day ….. because at the end of the day it is all about the happiness and respect that we can spread with this acknowledgement of their contribution in our lives and yes we should celebrate and respect them for this every single day but I absolutely adore the sheer joy on the faces of these women which is a result of our greeting to them and our heart touching efforts which shows them how valuable they are for us…..on this particular day.

and finally here I am…. wishing all the womens a very happy women’s Day…..stay happy and empower yourself and enjoy because you all deserve that love and affection..💕


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Stay weird because you are a limited edition 💕

Almost everyone of us chases perfection…. whoever doesn’t they are always advised to do so….but while doing so we never realize that perfection is too boring….so staying weird in my opinion is the best option, as it means being unique and one of a kind….

If you are doing everything in an arranged manner and planned way just for the sake of following others ….than you might end up with a systematic body and a machinery heart … is not just about this chasing to be perfect and successful…

Life is about enjoying every moment… facing difficulties arised as a result of your mistakes….than correcting them….always keep rotating in this circle of chaos and never pretending to be perfect one but instead, staying real to yourself…. because while living life this way you will end up feeling more insightful , satisfied and grateful to your surrounding…

While dealing with chaos and fear, we can actually feel every single heartbeat and after fixing these problems you can actually sense every cell of your body relaxing…

And these are the moments which will be cherished as memories of those day worthy enough to be remembered , shared and laughed upon…..and your life is nothing else but a celebration of these moments spent well ,which in some way were worthy enough to made you realize your existence…..


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We salute you🙏🙏

40, central reserve police force (CRPF) personnel were killed and many injured yesterday, when terrorist targeted a convoy with a car bomb at awantipura in Jammu and Kashmir pulwama district. This is the worst attack ever on security personnels .

We can’t even imagine what their family members must be going through right now.….but in some way I do… this piece of news brought back some memories of last year when my father was posted in Jammu and while he was on his way back in convoy we got to know about terrorist attack on BSF convoy ……we tried calling him but the cell was switched off and there was nothing we could do…..that day I realized what these soldiers do for us and what their families go through.

My father called us next day to confirm that he was fine and the attack happened on the last convoy that was 3 convoy behind them….those 24 hours were so difficult for us as we had no means to gain information about him.. we were helpless…and all we could do was pray….pray to God that we know we would be proud of someone who gave away their life for the nation…but we don’t want that someone to be our father…….. because it’s scary and it takes a lot of courage for the families of martyrs to take this martyrdom as pride………and I salute them who are able to do so……🙏🙏……and I wish government soon takes some strict action against these terrorist and stop them so that no parents,wives and children go through this pain of pride.


The hullabaloo happening inside out creates a havoc in such a way that all the peace and calm we are trying to attain to lead the life in the best way possible results in absolute blunder….to maintain that calm on your outer side it is important to first create the same in your inner self …

so just be grateful for what you have and think positive about what you want in future and work with a peaceful mind and soul because that is exactly what is going to affect your life…

Sometimes our reaction is unnecessary because there will be scenario where someone might be adamant about you being wrong…at that moment to defend yourself once or twice is fine but after a point you will realise that nothing of that sorts matter because sometimes it is impossible to change an already formed opinion….

So stop defending, complaining and most importantly regretting….

just be grateful for what you have and make the most out of it for the ones who actually matters to you and thank them because they are the reason behind your existence…


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Kuch naya 💯

We all at any point in life must have experienced failure… failure of not achieving something is fine (no big deal 😏) until and unless it stops us from giving ourselves another chance…. here’s a poem that I have penned down for each one of us who want to do something in life… something new… something extraordinary….which is yet to explore

निकल पड़े है आज एक अंजान सफ़र पर,

मंजिल भी है मुश्किल, है रास्ते भी अंजान,

पर हमने भी ये ठान लिया है

कि अब कुछ नया कर जाना है।।

पर नया क्या???

नहीं पता, हां हां नहीं पता

बस ये पता है कि अब कहीं खोना नहीं है,

या खोते खोते खुद को पा लेना है।

बस ये पता है कि अब और कुछ सुनना नहीं है,

या सुन सुन कर खुद को और मजबूत बनाना है।

बस ये पता है कि अब और ज़िन्दगी से रुठना नहीं है,

या शायद ज़िन्दगी को ही मना लेना है।।

और कुछ पता हो या ना हो,

बस इतना पता है कि अब कुछ नया कर जाना है।।

पर नया क्या???

नहीं पता, हां हां नहीं पता

बस ये पता है कि शायद जो दोस्ती बना ली थी

कभी यूं ही, उसे और मजबूत बनाना है,

दोस्त कहा था कभी जिन्हें,

उन्हें इसका अहसास भी कराना है

शब्द तो बहुत कहें एक दुसरे को,

पर अब शायद उन शब्दों का हर मतलब ढूंढ लाना है,

और बार बार, हां बार बार

उन्हें उस मतलब का हर मतलब समझाना है।।

और कुछ पता हो या ना हो,

बस इतना पता है कि अब कुछ नया कर जाना है।।

पर नया क्या???

नहीं पता, हां हां नहीं पता

बस ये पता है कि

सपने देखें थे किसीने हमारे लिए कभी,

अब उनके सपनों को पूरा करना है,

कभी उंगली थामी थी किसीने,

अब उनका सहारा बनना हैं,

खर्च कर दिया जिसने अपना सब कुछ हम पर,

अब उनके लिए कमाना है।।

दुआएं मांगी जिसने ताउम्र हमारे लिए

अब बार बार, हां बार बार,

सजदे में उनके झुक जाना है।

ये अहसास जो था पुराना

वो अब नए तरीके से बताना है।।

और कुछ पता हो या ना हो,

बस इतना पता है कि अब कुछ नया कर जाना है।।

पर नया क्या???

नहीं पता, हां हां नहीं पता

बस इतना पता है कि कुछ है इस वक्त में,

जो सपने दिखा रहा है,

और साथ में शायद उन्हें पूरा करना भी सिखा रहा है

नहीं पता, हां हां नहीं पता

पर कुछ बदल रहा है, हां कुछ बदल रहा है

शायद ये वक्त हि अब मेरा ज़िक्र कर रहा है

अब बुरा वक्त शायद पिछे छूट रहा है,

और नया वक्त अब मेरा इंतजार कर रहा है

अब आगे क्या करना है क्या नहीं,

शायद ये वक्त मुझे समझा‌ रहा है

अब पंखों में उड़ान भरके बार बार, हां बार बार

दूर क्षितीज तक जाना है,

और कुछ पता हो या ना हो

बस इतना पता है कि अब कुछ नया कर जाना है।

पर नया क्या???

अब पता है, हां हां अब पता है कि

इस डर से अब और नहीं डरना है,

लोग क्या कहेंगे इस पर शायद

अब गौर हि नहीं करना है

खुलकर शायद अब एक बार मुझे जीना है

या नयी शुरुआत से पहले

शायद एक बार रोना है

और बार बार, हां बार बार

अब मुझे उठना है

बार बार गिरने से अब और नहीं डरना है

क्या फर्क पड़ता है से अब फर्क पड़ता है

का अंतर खुद को समझाना है

अब मरने से पहले ये सब पूरा कर जाना है

और कुछ पता हो या ना हो

बस इतना पता है कि अब कुछ नया कर जाना है

अब कुछ नया कर जाना है।।।


Regret : a useless emotion

Going through bitter experiences in life is a part and parcel of everyone’s journey because whoever irrespective of their age, if have taken risk at any given point of time must have gone through some major ups and downs. So,at this stage we all tend to have some sort of regrets of doing something or being accountable of some decisions which didn’t turned out as expected by us, because we always hold grudges against the unexpected or failure.

Our most wrong or worst decisions are the one taken for our good only because no one intends to make a wrong decision. Our success is our priority behind every single decision and all the perks comes thereafter.

But does regretting failure and crying or cribbing about past help us feel any better or more importantly does it make any difference to the present.

No they don’t…..

Whatever you have decided in the past was your decision based on your circumstances then, no matter how they have turned out to be. Owning your mistakes, learning from them and moving ahead is all that matters because that is what life is all about.