Regret : a useless emotion

Going through bitter experiences in life is a part and parcel of everyone’s journey because whoever irrespective of their age, if have taken risk at any given point of time must have gone through some major ups and downs. So,at this stage we all tend to have some sort of regrets of doing something or being accountable of some decisions which didn’t turned out as expected by us, because we always hold grudges against the unexpected or failure.

Our most wrong or worst decisions are the one taken for our good only because no one intends to make a wrong decision. Our success is our priority behind every single decision and all the perks comes thereafter.

But does regretting failure and crying or cribbing about past help us feel any better or more importantly does it make any difference to the present.

No they don’t…..

Whatever you have decided in the past was your decision based on your circumstances then, no matter how they have turned out to be. Owning your mistakes, learning from them and moving ahead is all that matters because that is what life is all about.


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